Fund Raising


From the Great Gatsby Fundraiser

The Saline Crew team is a club sport. All of the team’s expenses are raised either through dues or fund raising efforts. The team requires help from all of the Saline Rowing Community.

We have three levels of fund raising.

  1. Team fund raising for operating expenses and equipment
  2. Individual fund raising for rowers
  3. Capital campaign – boathouse


Yard Oar

Yard Oar – Contact Mary Hayes for ordering info. $35 suggested donation (for the boathouse)

“Yard Oar”


Busch’s Scrip Program

“Busch’s Gift Card”Saline Crew is enrolled in the Busch’s scrip program.  The scrip program offers Saline Crew a very easy way to raise funds for the team.

Here is how it works:

  • Obtain a Gift Card
  • Gift card can be recharged at point of purchase with your debit card or credit card, OR
  • Each card can be recharged at any Busch’s up to $500.00 (maximum per card at one time).

Saline Crew will earn:

  • 5% on recharges paid with cash, check or debit card.
  • 3% on recharges paid with a credit card.
  • It is that easy.

Please contact Mary Hayes


Why do we need a Boathouse?

A crew program requires access to water, interested students, and a talented coaching staff. In order to continue to provide this sport to the 50+ high school athletes that currently participate, it is essential to create a more permanent home for the 12 boats and equipment that the team has purchased and that are insured by Saline Schools. The community boathouse that would have usage for students and adults that are interested in a lifetime sport.

A little background history:

The Saline High School Crew program, a division of the Community Education Program, was founded in 2004 and currently rows on Ford Lake, with water access provided by Lakeshore Apartments in Ypsilanti Township. The boats, trailers, and other equipment are stored in a fenced-in storage area located in another part of the apartment complex during the fall and spring seasons of rowing. In the winter and summer, the boats are stored outdoors adjacent to the school bus parking lots.

The team has invested over $150,000 in boats and a hauling trailer. The team has an annual budget of over $60,000.

The EMU womens’ rowing team is also interested in the construction of a boathouse as the team currently store their boats on a public parking lot in the park during the rowing season. The Ypsilanti Township Master Plan has provided for construction of a Boathouse along the south shore of Ford Lake, adjacent to Ford Lake Park. As EMU has standing in Ypsilanti Township, the parent-run High School Crew board is currently developing a plan to provide for joint construction of a boathouse with the EMU program.

Why expand the existing program:

The current Saline High School Crew program serves approximately 50 High School athletes and is in its 6th year. The team initially drove to the Irish Hills in Lenawee County to row on Sand Lake. The Crew parent board negotiated to row on Ford Lake, accessing the water from Lakeshore Apartments in Ypsilanti Township for the past 2 years. 2 SAS teachers, Bridgette Sparks and Dave Fiske, coach the team during the fall and spring seasons. Alumni coaches assist the teams during portions of the season.

The team is self-funded (parent-funded loans, donations, and seasonal fees have paid for 12 boats, a hauling trailer, 2 launches & outboard motors, and other coaching equipment). The equipment is insured through Saline Area Schools, (SAS), and is listed as an SAS asset. A Community boathouse for Saline Area athletes would improve the recreational and competitive opportunities for students and also continue to encourage an appreciation for area waterways.

The Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Women’s Crew program currently stores their rowing boats when in-season in the parking lot of Ypsilanti Township Ford Lake Park. Ypsilanti Township Master Plan provides for the creation of a community Boathouse to serve local residents. EMU has a historic relationship with the township and has expressed the desire to partner with Saline Crew in the building of a boathouse.

A Community boathouse that serves the Saline community (and adjacent community programs that participate in the funding process) would increase participation in rowing at Saline High School & Middle School programs and increase adult participation in rowing events, provide local instructional activities like ‘Learn to Row’ and community outreach events that would introduce non-rowers to this new activity.

Additionally, recruitment of coaching staff and student athletes would be improved with the construction of a boathouse.

New Value of Program:

A boathouse would protect Saline Area Schools equipment, and most importantly provide a facility for additional training and the opportunity for a community partnership with Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti Township and Saline residents, and possible future nearby communities. (Note that the forecasted possible removal of Argo Dam in Ann Arbor may create the need for all 3 Ann Arbor High Schools to relocate their rowing programs to Ford Lake).

The construction of the boathouse would also be an opportunity to create a partnership with the South and West Washtenaw Consortium: Building Trades and allow for student input to create a green facility that benefits all members using the facility.


Individual Fundraising Options

We understand that this club sport can be a financial challenge for some families so we try and offer the rowers a few options to help towards their fess.

A few programs in place include:

  • Rent a Rower
  • Hire a Crew
  • Work community events:
  1. Summerfest August – 2 shifts of 6 -8 needed for one hour shifts.
  2. Harvest of the Arts – Date to be determined


Team Fundraising Options

We have a number of Fundraising events to help offset some of the club’s expenses:


Equipment Wish List

The following list contains items needed for the coming year. If you have any ideas for providing or acquiring any of these items or if you can help find a good resource, please send an e-mail toCheryl Brill

Boat House Interior

Miscellaneous Items

  • Megaphones for coaches. (I’ve found that this one works very well for the price: Harbor Freight) Waterproof megaphones are ideal, however.


  • Oars
  • Cox Boxes
  • Stroke coaches
  • Sliders 290$ for a pair. (3 sliders needed for 2 ergs).
    Concept 2 Slides
  • Slings $110 for pair Slings


Rent a Rower /Hire a Crew

Crew Families

This is probably one of the easiest ways for a rower to raise funds to reduce their individual fees. Spread the word, post a few posters around town and also put a lawn sign out. The cost of the posters is nothing. A lawn sign is around $15.00. The cost is easily offset with just a few hours worth of work.

Need help with chores?

Rent-A-Rower or Hire-A-Crew

  • Hire one or more of the team by the hour or negotiate a flat rate.
  • Some suggestions:
  • Yard work
  • Paint
  • House sit
  • Pet sit
  • Baby sit
  • Wash & wax cars
  • Clean up crew for events


email: Carol Wisner or call 734-645-7122

Download poster

All proceeds go the Saline Area Schools/Crew Club rowers to offset their dues.